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Moviestarplanet is an awesome game for older kids to give work for their creativity and socialising skills. This free to download game can sit in any of your device like smartphones, tabs and even in Laptop. This game has gained immense popularity and its huge demand has made many hack and cheat tools to surface online.

What can a VIP status do in Moviestarplanet?

Every user is allowed to enjoy that VIP status and obviously with no restrictions but it needs you to pay the monthly membership fees. If we look more on this VIP packages, there are totally 12 of them available as of now and with each having its own benefit. Free MSP VIP packages are a big boon for the players to achieve higher levels and also more fame. In reality too, achieving immense popularity is the ultimate goal of a movie star which is well implemented in this virtual world too. VIP status allows you to enjoy many benefits and one among them is breaking the rule of limited friendship and making more friends. The same goes for the internal currency, StarCoins which will start pouring into your virtual currency once you attain this VIP status. Diamonds too are not exceptional in this case as you can enjoy more diamonds with no restrictions. Giving autograph is one of the popular things all the movie stars do and the same applies in this game too. You would definitely enjoy giving loads of autographs when you play this game but when you grab the VIP status, be ready to stamp your autographs to more and more people. It is not over yet, we do have few more advantages lining up. Spinning the fortune wheel is the most exciting thing that we would love to do while playing as it might bring you some good fortune. When you have VIP status in this game, you are allowed to spin the wheel for multiple times which is indeed a favourable one to you to climb the stardom ladder. Use your daily diamonds and Starcoins to grab lots of free stuffs in this VIP status. Exclusive VIP shopping items are exclusively allowed to VIP status.

At a final note, attaining VIP status gives you immense benefits that you wouldn’t have even dreamt of being a normal user. You would be playing the game totally in a different angle where you enjoy all the privileges and loads of fun. Unlimited excitement is guaranteed by exploring the true potential of this game in VIP status.

VIP Packages:

This VIP package can be purchased for a time period of 1 week, 1 month, 3 months or even 1 year. When you opt for recurring payment plan, you would be rewarded with additional Starcoins and Diamonds on each renewal that you do. The VIP upgrades available in this game are VIP, Elite VIP and Star VIP. VIP is the cheapest package with plain gold VIP sign. Elite VIP is little expensive than the VIP and with more advantages. A purple box with crown on top of the VIP is the sign for Elite VIP. Star VIP has gold VIP sign with crown and two stars on top with red outline. Star VIP has better advantages than the previous VIP and Elite VIP packages, demands more money too. Star VIP do have a speciality, this name “Star VIP” won in a poll on a forum.

Why should you go for free VIP status on Moviestarplanet ?

This question is definitely the most important one. After going through the huge benefits of VIP status, you would definitely be jumping out of joy to grab the VIP status. The biggest concern that arises when you go for VIP status is the amount that you pay, you need to swipe in your card for a hefty amount for sure. Many disappointed users turn back because they are asked to pay more.  Grabbing free VIP status on Moviestarplanet is the only option in that case.

How to achieve free VIP status on  Moviestarplanet?

If you are thinking that free VIP status is tough to achieve then definitely no. There are many  Moviestarplanet VIP generators available online which can help you to achieve this VIP status without crumbling your pocket. All you have to do is search for a genuine generator that offers valid Starcoins and Diamonds.

How does the  Moviestarplanet VIP hack works?

This actually a tool that is working with loads of algorithms sitting at the back end. Creating this application is not all that easy but with a set of highly talented hackers, this is made possible. After months of hard work, this tool is created and have been released for testing. Many users are asked to test the tool to verify whether it works fine and after their confirmation, this tool gets released online. Generally, there are two version available, they are download version and online version.

In download version, you would be asked to download a small software to your device which then sends signals to the server to obtain unlimited resources. Where as the online version, doesn’t need any software to be downloaded. You just need to punch in your account details and tap on a button to get the free resources.

Finally, do remember the below points,

  • It is good that you are provided with unlimited and free Starcoins and Diamonds but don’t download all of the free resources at once as it might create a suspect about tour account and would be sent for investigation. You can never feel excited while playing the game if you unlock all the resources at once. So, using the resources gradually and playing safe is the better method to enjoy this game.
  • It is better to opt the online version of Moviestarplanet VIP hack, since you would be unlocking the resources only through online and would never download any file to your device. It is not necessary that all download version can inject virus to your device but there are few fake one surfacing online.

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