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Social networking has become the rage in this era and children are not to be left behind in the race. The MSP, short for MovieStarPlanet aims to provide the children between the ages of 8-15 a platform to socialize with other children of their age and learn as they interact. The game is so called as the person logging in can choose an avatar of a movie star as their character. The networking game is designed to be fun, exciting and interesting for the younger generation. It is not merely about posting photos or tagging people but it serves rather as a platform for the young ones to showcase their creativity and enjoy playing games. Go to online MSP code generator here

Game play

The game play is pretty simple where the person who logs in chooses a character (movie star) as their profile and proceeds on to create their own room, wardrobe, etc. There are games to play, movies to watch and make, multiple levels to cross and many coins to earn. Children can choose their own favorite movie star and dress them to their likes, and chat with other children whom they relate to. There are fame points, star coins, diamonds, etc., to be earned by means of watching movies that other users make and make their own movies. These items, star coins, diamonds, etc., can be used to further improve the backdrop, the costume, home décor, animation, etc. There are also options to give and receive autographs. Getting famous has never been so easy!

Features of Movie Star Planet

The MSP website comes with a multitude of entertaining options to its target audience. Some of them include,

  1. Virtual movie creation
  2. Create an avatar which can be then featured in any virtual movie you want.
  3. Share your avatar with friends so they can feature it in their movies.
  4. Participate in social fun and game activities.
  5. There is a section for shopping where users can spend their earned game currency to buy new clothes, backdrops, decorative items and even new animations for their avatar.
  6. There is a gaming section comprising of various games and quizzes which the users can participate and earn more in game currency.
  7. The creative section allows the users to direct their own movie.
  8. The users can post updates on the current happenings in their lives in the “what are you doing” section of the game.

The above are just the highlights of the features available to you and there are many more such interesting aspects to keep the children glued onto the game.

Using Movie Star Planet

Using the website is quite easy like every other social networking or gaming website. You need to first create an account for yourself and then create a character which you want to be showcased in the interactions with other users. The website guarantees that your personal information that you share is safe and secure with them and is not shared with anyone. Once you have created your character, you can then start making virtual movies featuring your own character or that of your friends as you like it. The more people watch your movie, the more you will earn star coins and fame points. These can be further spent on improving your looks and upgrading to the next level.

VIP memberships in MSP

There is an option in MSP called as the VIP membership which is a paid package or you can use a gift certificate to buy one. There are currently three different categories of membership offered under the VIP segment by MSP namely, Star VIP, Normal VIP and Elite VIP. Each of these in turn has four packages which will vary based on how long you will remain a VIP with that package. There are options to stay VIP only for a week or for a full year based on what you choose. The cost of the package will also vary based on your choice.

Every VIP package has its own features and benefits to offer its users. The benefits could be in the form of increased fame points, increased friends, addition of star coins, diamonds, more autograph giving opportunities, exclusive deals in shopping and even more spins on the wheel for star coins.

 Movie star planet generator

The game runs purely on two main gaming currencies – the star coins and the diamonds. These are the two things which can help you to buy what you need for improving your status in the game. There are many ways to gain star coins and the diamonds like,

  1. Playing the different games on the site.
  2. Making virtual movies
  3. Watching the movies made by others.
  4. Giving or receiving autographs.
  5. Interact with other users on the chat rooms.
  6. Receive awards for yourself and your movies.
  7. Get a VIP account

While all the above and the many more other options are available, they do take quite some time and  effort from your end to make a considerable sum of the diamonds or star coins. The other simpler option is to however to buy these in the game store for real money.

But if you are looking for an option that doesn’t involve your time and your wallet, then you should take a look at the multiple Movie Star Planet generators online.

What can Movie Star Planet Generator do?

The MSP generator can help you get,

  1. Unlimited star coins
  2. Unlimited diamonds
  3. The VIP status for as long as you need
  4. And most importantly save you the cost and the time involved in making these by yourself.

Other features of MSP generator

The MSP generators that you will find online are in general,

  • Compatible with all the platforms the game is played on.
  • Can be used for free and there is no hidden cost.
  • No downloading required and hence your system is saved from any malware or virus.
  • Completely reliable, easy and fast.
  • Proxy protected to save you from any ban.

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