How to get diamonds on MSP

MovieStarPlanet or shortly referred to as MSP, is an interactive website aimed at students and children of age 8-15 years. It is an online platform for social interaction between kids. The kids don the image of their favorite movie stars on this platform while they interact with other kids on the net. There are multiple movie star characters to choose from. The children can choose on how to dress up their characters, change its hairdo, play games, chat with other children and make movies of their own.

What can you do in MSP?msp-online-generator

Every kid in the game takes up the role of a movie starand makes movies of their own. The main motive of the game is to focus on earning fortune and fame points which is done by networking socially, interacting with others and by making movies. Even watching the movies of other users on the platform can earn you the fame points and star coins. These can in turn be exchanged to upgrade the look of your character, buy more clothes, change the backdrop to suit your mood, and decorate the wall or to use animations. There are also options for the children to exchange or trade items/ gifts and also collect autographs from their favorite movie characters.

The gaming currency

There are two main currencies in the game namely the fame points and the star coins. This can be earned through multiple ways like watching a movie of another player or by creating one of your own. There are also tasks that you can win to earn the fame points. There are competitions to participate in, games to play to earn your rewards in the form of star coins and fame points. With each level you cross you stand to gain more options to animate your character along with features to personalize your role in this social platform.

How safe is Movie star planet?

Given that this social networking platform is for the kids, there is definitely an apprehension among the parents on the safety of their kids who have an account in MSP. The company promises that there will be no compromise to the personal information of any players, child or adult in the duration of their play in the game. The players take the character of the movie star and there is no reason for them to give out any personal information as such. There are also rules set out clearly by the gaming company that accounts which are misused or abused will be blocked out temporarily or permanently.

Parents have the option to raise their concerns on the parent page and the doubts are clarified on a regular basis. Also the company promises that there is a manual and an automatic tracking system to filter out certain blacklisted words and ensure that the site is not used inappropriately. Having said that, there is no stopping any adult from masquerading as children in this site. So you can monitor your child’s activities by having your own account and interacting with them over this platform.

How to make your money in MSP?

Given below are some pointers to make the much needed fame points and the star coins in MSP.

  • Short movie making: Making movies is definitely the best way to get noticed and to earn much needed star coins and fame points. Even the person who watches the movie can earn star coins. So make shorter movies, they may or may not have a theme, and share them among your friends for more viewing and sharing. You can also create multiple accounts and watch your own movies earning points and coins both ways for viewing and creating.
  • Becoming famous: Receiving an autograph is another sure shot way of getting some points and coins in your account. So visit all those chat rooms and parties and ask for autos from other users who will in turn take yours. Be wary of those who cheat. Also ensure that your character is dressed well and your room looks even more attractive to get instant fame. You can either get yourself a VIP account or be friends with one and have them featuring you in their movies to earn more fame points and star coins.
  • Interaction: There are quite a few games that you can participate in and winning them will earn you more points and coins. Getting awards, post level 2, can help you earn more points in one go for completing certain simple tasks. You can find the icon for the activities that you can undertake at the top of your page and completing them will help you gain more points.

What are diamonds in MSP?

Another important gaming currency which is very rare to get and which is quite worthy is the diamonds. These can be used in similar terms like the star coins like buying new costumes, animations, exclusive items, etc. In order for you to win the diamonds, one has to either get themselves an VIP account or participate in multiple contests and win them. Both these options need you to spend some money and time in gaining the diamonds.

Getting free Diamonds on MSP

Getting diamonds for free without expending money out of your pocket or spending too much time in front of your device is definitely a welcoming option for anyone. This is where the MSP Cheats and hack tool come in handy. These cheats can help you generate unlimited star coins, fame points and diamonds to give you a competitive edge in the game. It is quite easy to use and is compatible on all platforms iOS, Android and PC where the game is usually played. These are completely free of charge and can help you move up levels without batting an eyelash. The MSP cheats are designed in such a way that you can connect to the server without getting detected and generate as many points, coins and VIP package you need.

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